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Feb 5, 2006

God's Answers

When it is in God's mind to save His people, He will do anything. We have seen how Moses Questioned God and now lets see how God answered them.

Question 1.Who am I that I should go?(Exodus 3:11)
Answer. Exodus 3:12- "I will be with you.." Wow isn't that an amazing thing a person can have. Its almost like you've been given an assignment and its great that the CEO of the company is also coming with you. Imagine how important that assignment could be that the CEO had to go for it too. More than that, imagine how important it is for you to be on that assignment which is of so much value to the CEO.We may be nothing before the immense that God has prepared you for but the greatest thing is that He is going to be with you in it. God does not give you an assignment that He is not on too. He will never leave you. Know that if you're in something that is overwhelming you, some task that seems unbeatable, some person whom you've been praying for and it seems you've been working on a stone. Don't worry God is there right there with you in that task that He has assigned you to. Take courage.

Question 2. What's God's name? (Exodus 3:13)
Answer. "I AM who I AM......the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob" (Exodus 3:14-15) . What God said to Moses is amazing. I am who I am. If there is time, God is. There is love, God is.More than that to help Moses understand, God identifies Himself with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, people whom Moses would have known. People can know God by your life as well. What are you showing people? . Abraham,Isaac and Jacob trusted God in their lives and set an example for the people to follow so that the people would know that they too could have a personal relationship with this Living God.We saw God work through the faith Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had on him. They each had different problems, but God was God to all of them in their own unique situations.Similarly, when we trust God, we can know God as our God. One who becomes one with your situation, no matter how difficult it is. In the world not many people can understand what pain or suffering or anxiety you might be going through. You may not find a friend who knows you so well, that he/she gives you encouragement when you need, give you the right suggestions, helps you make the right choices and decisions, is with you through everything you go through.God is one who can understand you fully well, because He knows your very form.He is Who He is. Your salvation. Your redemption.Your God. Your protector. Your guide. Your security. Your strength.Your healing. Your wealth. Your family.

Question 3."What if they don't believe me?"(Exodus 4:1)
Answer. "Whats in your hand?"(Exodus 4:2) God showed Moses that he didn't have to look anything beyond to help him prove God to the Israelites. It would have been enough for Moses that God was going with him, but Moses wanted some tangible evidence and God gave that to him. So it is with us, we don't trust God when He says "Lo I am with you, now and forever." We need more proof to show that God is with us. Also, we see that God used something that Moses was having. Anything that you have can be an instrument for God's work. A person once shared this. We see here that Moses came to God (in the burning bush) with the staff he was shepherding his sheep and later on we read in Exodus 4:20 "...And he took the staff of God in his hand." I think it is wonderful to know that the staff that Moses once had has now become the staff of God. Its like we read in my previous post "Preparing the Leader", that Moses had a passion "freedom for the Israelites" which became the aim God wanted to achieve. It was Moses staff and God was going to use something which was once only used to herd sheep and scare off wild animals, but to now stand before the Pharoah and declare the work of God. We might have something in us, which we might think as an insignificant thing, but when laid down before the Almighty God, becomes a talent of God, not just for you but a huge blessing to all who see it. God can do that for you too. Are we willing to lay down all our talents before God and see God mould us and make us into an amazing person to be a blessing to many.

Question 4. "I am not good at this"(Exodus 4:10)
Answer: "....Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say." (Exodus 4:11-12) This time Moses had done it. He was saying God could not help him talk. He even says please send someone else to talk. It reminds me of myself, many times I am afraid to say something God would want me to share and have lost an opportunity of being a blessing. I have also seen, how God has asked me to say something and I have been amazed at the way what I said had been to that person.God gives you many chances in a day to be a blessing to someone, every single day of your life. We can either take it and rejuvenate our faith, or just let it go and waste time and effort on something not to be done. God is able to give us all the grace for the task that He assigns us too. Remember when Jesus was sending disciples to preach, he said not to take any stuff with them, for God would provide. Yeah, if you know for sure God has called you to a task, be more than sure that He has already equipped you with everything you would ever need for that task. So be bold in the Lord and in the strength of His might. For He is going with you.

Conclusion: With such a wonderful God at our side, who should you fear. Be the person that God has created you to be. A blessing to someone every single day of your life. An encourager to someone somewhere, maybe in prayer, maybe in sharing you wealth, maybe in preaching, maybe in loving and caring for the sick and weary, maybe in just being there without a word, maybe in crying in intercession, maybe in teaching the Word, maybe helping the children love God and find their strength in God the way you did. There is definitely something, a passion, God has put in your heart which you long to do, something which will bless many. Take strength in the Lord and go with Him.You will be blessed.

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