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Feb 4, 2006

Questioning God

Exodus 3:10-21

Moses had a lot of questions to ask God when he was called by God for his assignment. I couldnt help but compare this to other calling, especially to one who is by far the most obedient and faithful. Yes the father of our "Faith on a Living God". Abraham.If you read Genesis 12:1-4 you'll find that Abraham did not have many questions when God asked him to leave his place and go to a land God promised. Now come to think of it, he didnt know where he was going and God promised him that he would become a great nation. I wonder if he would have thought, "this is ridiculous, wonder whether I can have kids when I am so old and stuff..." but he went, the Bible does not say he complained or questioned God's authority, but as you'll find in Moses' case he wasn't one without questions, he had questions, many of them.

  1. Who am I that I should go?(Exodus 3:11) - I have been wondering about this aspect "Questioning God". Do we know any thing more than God, that we can question God. I feel as time went by, people questioned God more than the pioneer of Faith. No wonder we don't see people like Abraham any more, who was so faithful to God in everything God asked him to do that God was willing to share his heart with Abraham(Genesis 18:16-18). Imagine, you're such a good employee that your company's CEO wants to tell you his future plans, more than that because he has seen such commendable work from you that he even risks the chance of having to adjust his plans and take your suggestions as well. Oh that would make me so much proud. What would we do if God were to ask us of something we should go out and do? No matter how contrary it may be to what you've been doing all this while. Are we willing to let God be God and use our life to the fullest. I believe God can be restricted with questions as Moses asks. We'll see an example of this later. Its, how much faith you have in the Living God that, WHATEVER HE ASKS you are willing to do without questioning Him. Do I have an "ALL OUT" faith in Jesus? Moses' question almost seems like telling God "Lord you made a mistake, how can you choose me? I don't think you were looking for me".I know there could be many mistakes that we have made, feeling miserable about our past decisions/actions and probably hiding in one corner of our world from people. Like Moses was. But we see God has a plan for Moses, a position to lead and so, God has a plan for us too. Not to be a part of a crowd, but to lead. Imagine that. Don't hide, come out and go with the Lord, that He may lead you to be a leader in whatever He calls you to do and to be. Only you can be that.
  2. What's God's name? (Exodus 3:13,) Moses asks "What if they ask the name of the God who called me, what should I say?".I wonder,probably Moses had to ask that question, because Moses was brought up with so many varieties of gods in the Egyptian cutoms he didn't know which one to go for. I think its a sad thing that people lost track of who is the real God. Noah knew God well,Abraham knew God well, Isaac knew God well,Jacob knew God well and here Moses wants to know who God is. Many times we start thinking like the world and lose our sight of the Lord. Soon we might even take time to recognise our Living Saviour. Isnt it sad when we lose our precious time with our Living Lord and hence we get deceived thinking there could be another. Maybe a leaf, a book, the sun, the moon or something else, or anything that is bigger than man. God had to break through that confusion and bring into light, that He is the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Also, its amazing that God would like to identify Himself as a God of a certain person and attach Himself to a person's name. God declares "I am the LORD, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God. I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me," Isaiah 45:5. There is no other God other than the Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God would like to be known as "your" God.
  3. "What if they don't believe me?"- Moses wanted to be on the safer side of whatever he was getting into. Abraham did not ask any doubting questions.I have many times asked God questions of doubt and unbelief.Should we be one's to suggest to Someone who has created the entire Universe with His knowledge and even our brain which still baffles the scientists in its intelligence and working. God knows best for us. If He wanted, He could have done anything, without any of our intervention, but He wants to work with His children,us. I am reminded of a story I once read.y of 2 yrs old came along and wanted to help daddy out. The man was sooo happy to see his son wanting to help him. He held the table and let his son hold an end as if the kid was carrying the stuff, while the entire weight was borne by the father. The son felt happy to help his dad. Little did the kid know that his dad could have moved the furniture on his own if he wanted. So is with God, He works "with" His people not without them.Would you let God work with you. Let's not "what if" when God calls us for an assignment.We'll see amazing works from God in our life. Even if we have had doubts and feel like giving up. DON"T. If Moses would have stopped at asking questions and not gone with God, we might not have been we might be on our verge to see God make a way through the Red Sea, win many battles, set us free from oppression no matter who the oppressor and many more like Moses did. Don't doubt on God.
  4. Finally an excuse- Its a final go that even we try, God I am not good at this. Many times when God calls us to do something we might think we're not good at. Its probably because we haven't seen ourselves the way God sees. He sees us as a miracle, as His masterpiece. As His loving child. As someone for whom God was willing to lay down His life. As someone who has the potential to become what God has made him/her for.

Conclusion:-People who don't want to believe will have a lot of questions. For me the question is am I willing to trust God without a shadow of a doubt, without any questions like God has shown in His Word. Or am I the one who will question, reason, weigh (between something little I knowand something magnificent God knows about me) and then turn down God. God wants to do amazing things for us in our lives. We cannot see the success of our lives without Him.

"What is success? It's remaining faithful to God's will. And what's God's will? To love one another. We are responsible for the effort not the outcome. The outcome is in God's hands." -Mary Jo Copeland

Many a people come to God with their own perception of what they can do with themselves and how God can help and get disappointed. I think we should want to know what else we can do with God. Discovering ourselves and how God can use us for His mighty work, even beyond our capabilities.Learning to trust God with our lives so He could bring out the best. Lives that will not only change our own perception of our lives, but be an impact to all the people.

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