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Feb 2, 2006

Preparing the Leader for Israelites

While the Israelites were under oppression, God was already working with His Redemption Plan for the Israelites. Moses was already trained in all Egyptian customs and upbringing, trained to be a ruler. The only difference was, he wasn't going to be an Egyptian leader but an Israelite leader.Let's see how God worked that out in Moses life. This would help us to understand some things that God would have us do.

Moses' Passion
Moses has no idea what God had planned for his life, but you see from reading Exodus, it was in him to be touched and moved by the oppression of his people. He could not tolerate oppression. (My thought-God has already put in you all the ingredients, that make you special for the purpose for which He created you.You need to start realising it and let God reveal them to you as you grow in relationship with the Lord)

Moses was made ready for what he was made for
God knew that Moses needed traits of a leader and made arrangements for Moses' training as a leader in the place God knew would be the best for Moses and the Israelites.From the Egyptian kingdom, Moses knew how they talk, how they think, how they fight, how they behave, because he lived right in the middle of them.He was being trained to know how to deal with them, how to present himself before them, though while Moses was there, he might not have known why he was learning what he was learning.Only God knew.
(My thought-If there is a place you are in, and you don't understand why you are there, rest assured, God knows, why you are there. Just stay connected to the Lord wherever or in whatever situation you are in and He will make clear to you His plans in due time and you will know why and how you are to use the skills you acquired while you were in that place.)

Right way to use your unique passion/talents/ability
In Exodus 2:11-15 we see that the passion that God put in Moses life, Moses used on his own and finally had to run away from Egypt. (My thought:-Once we know the passion God has put in our hearts which is unique to us, we should ask God to show us the way we can use it. Coz if we use our own methods to use it, we are definite to cause controversy and problems. Its that powerful.So we need to learn to use our passion the right way. What I mean by passion is, something viz a situation, a group of people, a place etc. that moves your heart to the point of wanting to do something about it, something for it. For e.g. Martin Luther King knew that oppression and racial discrimination was not right and fought for the Civil Rights.So ask God how we can use our passion and follow His leading and guidance.)

Listening to the ONE who can help you reach your full potential
Now that Moses understood his passion-freedom for the Israelites- God knew that now it was time to bring His plan for Moses life to action and lets His heart known to Moses. In Exodus 3:7 -10 God tells Moses that God is concerned about His people and that Moses has to go and redeem them. Now Moses found a real way of using his passion and this time to use it the right way, with God's guidance and protection. Thus God revealed His plan to Moses and prepared the leader for Israel to start their walk towards freedom. (My thought- Once we know the passion God has put in our hearts, we will be in a position to hear from God, His plan regarding our life and hence reach and fulfill our potential)

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