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Feb 1, 2006

God is concerned about you

Reading through the journey the Israelites took to their promised land, I found that they wanted to turn around and go back every time they faced a tough situation. Let me show you what I found

Where were the Israelites coming from? (NIV Exodus 1:8-16)
They were coming from a place where
  • The king was oppressing them
  • Treating them ruthlessly by making them work hard
  • They were slaves
  • Their baby boys were also being killed

Where was God in all this, wasn't He interested in helping them?

Let's see in Exodus 2:23-25 God was concerned about them. He remembers His promises to His people and His children whom He loves so much. It seems as though God remembered them at that time, but I think He already had a plan for them, because their leader Moses was already being trained in all aspects of government and leadership right in the heart of their oppressor. All the while when Israelites were under that oppression, God was preparing His leader who would lead Israelites. How do we know? If God wasn't ready with Moses and protected him, at the time when Israelites would have called out to God, God would have had to bring out Moses out safe and then through those waters into the pharoah's house and that would take another long time to get the Israelites out of their oppression. God had made a plan for the Redemption for the Israelites and was preparing their leader who would lead them out of bondage.

My thought:If you are in oppression, or a situation which is not right for you or into some place where you are experiencing what the Israelites did, pain, sorrow, discouragement, unable to serve the Lord and not in freedom. No matter what the situation, if you know Lord Jesus as your Saviour and call out to Him, you would be surprised that your redemption, your freedom was planned and right there beside you all the time. Only that we never called out to God for help in all this while. So call out to your Saviour Lord Jesus and trust God.God cares for you, no matter where you are. He has already planned your victory, your freedom, your redemption. Have you called Jesus into your life yet?

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