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Jun 16, 2006


Help me Lord for I am weak.
Increase my faith Lord, I want to believe,
Tides of doubst seem rising high
Draw me closer to you Lord, come nigh

Though this time is bitter
I know my Saviour will help me through
I don't know Lord what today/tomorrow might bring
All I know is I have You.

I long to hear your resounding voice,
Speaking forth through my soul,
Bursting joy in hope I arise,
Only You oh Lord can make me whole.

Be near me Lord today I pray
right now, this moment and every day
my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak
Uphold me Lord, Your face I seek.

Great things Oh Lord You're capable of
I know this trouble is not my lot,
For You took all my burdens, my shame, my pain, my sorrow away
When on Calvary Your precious life You laid.

Show me Lord, Your tender mercies
Show me Lord from Your grand miracles
Show me Lord what I must pray
Show me Lord how You've planned my days
Help me take every step of the way
I know O Lord that you'll be there
Always with me till the end

You are my author, my architect of life
You give me joy, your peace, your light
I thank You Lord for breathing in me,
Your power, your strength and Your victory
In the Name of my Lord Jesus. Amen
This is how I feel today...I am waiting closely on my knee, waiting for God to do something wonderful for I thought while I wait..I must write a poem about it, and thats what this is. In Praise of the Only One , My Lord Jesus, who can save.


Nunzia said...

I'll have to print that out and post it above my desk. Thanks for that!

Godzheart said...

Oh dear nunzia, you're so encouraging. May God bless you richly.

Northern Farmer said...

I sure am thankful to have found blogs like this, thank you for a wonderful post.

Lik Ee said...

Thanks for writing in my blog though.. You too God bless.. Keep on joining into my blog and let us be blessed together.. =)

audrey` said...

Oh yes!
Our Lord can save!