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Mar 10, 2006

My Prayer will be fulfilled

I am learning what the Bible teaches me, it has been very exciting so far, have been through the life of Moses in such detail that I was amazed. The only other people I knew from the Old Testament were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I mean a bit better than the others. Moses was always to me the 10 Commandments guy. However in the past few months of this year, I have found quite an attraction to the way God revealed Himself to His children in various ways through the lives of the people in the Bible I have met so far.

Here's how I see it A Boat Builder with Noah, Faith Builder in Abraham, Checking Deception with Jacob, Rags to Riches in Joseph, Murderer to Leader through Moses, Timid to Bold through Joshua.
What stands out is, whatever God said, He fulfilled. All His promises to these people I mentioned were fulfilled. Totally.

Wow, now that I see their life. I know in my life too, I have received promises from my Lord, surely, what He has promised He will do.And so it is for you too.

Praise the Lord.

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