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Feb 12, 2009

Righteous Judge

Background: Psalm 7 David is crying out to God for His righteous judgment in a situation when he was hurt by his own. In your Bibles you will notice the chapter begins with a short heading "[A shiggaion[a] of David, which he sang to the LORD concerning Cush, a Benjamite.]"

For better understanding shiggaion from the verb shagah, "to reel about through drink," occurs in the title of Ps. 7. The plural form, shigionoth, is found in Hab. 3:1. The word denotes a lyrical poem composed under strong mental emotion; a song of impassioned imagination accompanied with suitable music; a dithyrambic ode.

Lessons I learnt
  1. Voiced all his fears to the Lord - God knows us full well, but it is when we speak up to the One Whom we cannot see, we activate our faith on our Living God, engaging His power to work on our behalf. I guess thats the deal with praying aloud, we hear for ourselves as the Holy Spirit puts word in our mouths to help us pray, mixing with our faith, and we begin to realize in our minds as we listen - God has indeed stretched out His hand for us. David spared nothing to tell God, his Friend.
  2. Inward Cleanliness - "v3 O LORD my God, if I have done this and there is guilt on my hands-v4 if I have done evil to him who is at peace with me or without cause have robbed my foe..." We go great lengths to make ourselves presentable before people around us, David was constantly checking his heart to make sure his heart was pure and clean before God. Most all his psalms talks about being pure, being holy, being righteous before God, hiding God's Word in his heart so he may not sin. He made sure he kept his inner self clean.
  3. Righteous Judge - The world may deal judgments in the favor of the one who has more money, irrespective of the truth of the matter, but David knew a Judge and based all of his life before him, because his Judge judged rightly. God our Judge knows ANY situation from the inside out and what would be better than to pour out all our energy in bringing our cases before this Righteous Judge, than to go to anybody else?

Conclusion-David exerted all of his energy in serving the One Who had and Who could make a difference in his life and therefore the life of this man who lived centuries ago, speaks to us so profoundly. He knew how ordinary and how broken he alone is, but he also knew the One God Who could change His life immensely. He made sure his life stayed right with our Living God, so that he would have constant connection-a live connection with our Living God. How much more do we need to keep our inner beings in constant check and purity, to make sure we are not lured by bathing Bathsheba's - satan's bait of the flesh to pull us down from the place of closeness with our Lord Jesus.

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goofy 'bout Him said...

I can see you haven't lost your touch with words despite the years :-) God bless you.