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Apr 1, 2008

A Serious "JOB"

Background: Job, a righteous man in the sight of God. One whom God recommended satan to look at. One whom God boasted about, wow, being boasted by God!!!. This is a man's painful story I have read and heard many times since my childhood, but it had never spoken to me the way it did, this time I read it. So here I present the precious lessons I learnt from the book of Job.

  1. Diligent devotion to God-v5"This was Job's regular custom." If you'd like to make a ritualistic religion out of christianity, here is one to follow, which is even commended by God. "To fear God and shun evil." He was so devoted to God he might have looked like a fanatic before people, but he made God proud.

  2. Serious Responsibility-Job is a perfect example of a good overseer, a good and faithful servant. He took his responsibility for his children very seriously, so that until they put their faith in God themselves, he was willing to carry their faith for them. I think he was responsible in everything, no wonder he was living an abundant life, which we are still trying to achieve. When we take our responsibilities seriously, whatever has been given by God in our hands, our families, our children, our jobs, our friends, our loved ones, our property, we are sure to become good and faithful servants. We want to save children in some remote part of the world by throwing in some money at some charity, yet unwilling to pray and uphold the faith for our children, our loved ones who don't know the Lord!!!

  3. Audacity to Honour Sovereignty-v20"20 At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship ". Say what!!! Fell to the ground in worship!!! Unbelievable!! This guy is seriously crazy, he should have stood up and rebuked the devil and bound things in heaven and earth and all the jazz, but chose to worship. Here's why-- I believe the more he had spent time with God, Job had developed a "divine ear". He knew God is not the One Who comes to steal, kill and destroy. I believe he also knew that God is able to protect him. Yet he knew if God didn't save him from this disaster, it must have been within his control and God chose not to do so and he respected that Sovereignty of God. As modern Christians we've now turned the Bible upside down, to mean "what we say is what we get???" Nuh-huh...What He says is what we get. I am sure we will not be able to digest the fact that God is Sovereign, we are people who want to change God's mind and run our own lives the way we choose, with our kind of prosperity. Now this man showed us true Sovereignty. The REAL FACT IS the devil cannot lay even his tiny finger on any one of God's children and if there is something he is able to touch , don't you dare think that it happened without the knowledge of a Sovereign God. God knows, and if He still let that happen, worship Him, for He is Sovereign. He knows His business better than we do, He's been running it since eternity, can we, who lived a mere fraction of God's time tell Him what to do??? Think about it.
Conclusion:This man Job has stolen my spiritual heart and showed me things I had seen and ignored and tried my own ways to please God. I wanted, not that God would be my God, but that God would be "my kind of God". Well the fact is He's not my kind, I am His kind. So if my life has to be the one up in line for His recommendation to the devil, I'd better be the seriously His kind of a gal. A God's gal who is serious about His Sovereignty who will have the audacity to worship His Sovereignty in her life no matter what. Isn't that what Paul teaches us, the guy who was flogged, shipwrecked, imprisoned and yet had the audacity to say "4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4 from a prison cell. So when will we be serious about our job?

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