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Jun 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my birthday and I have a millions things to thank my Living and Loving God for...

  1. For the most amazing grandparents both mom's side and dad's side I could have ever been blessed with. I say this because we can always choose our friends, but not our family and God blessed me with a fantastic family full of believers who taught me to know the One Who has loved me eternally.
  2. For my loving and wonderful and absolutely great parents, who usured me into walking the right way even until now, guiding and directing me through their prayers and love. For being my backbone every time I needed someone to lean on.
  3. For my handsome and brilliant brothers who love me so much, though they don't say so, they're actions speak volumes of their love and respect for me.
  4. For my hubby dearest, exactly the kind I needed to grow spiritually, actually speaking I wouldn't have started this blog if it hadn't been for him being in my life.
  5. For all my believer friends, fellow bloggers who encouraged me right at the moment I needed to continue this blog and knowingly or unknowingly blessing me through their words.
Above all else I am absolutely and humbly grateful to my Living God who has made my life a wonderful adventure from the first day I met Him, until now. There has never been a dull moment and never been a time when He left. Never a time when He judged me when people were ready to point out my faults like that woman whom they wanted to stone, but my Lord stood by me, no judging me but always showing me a way out and accepting me the way I am...something many believers find very difficult to do with other believers new or old, accepting them. He never showed any partiality or favoured someone else more than me, and I am absolutely humbled to say that He gave me chances in my life span even till now to see His wonderful bruised hand work on my behalf through situations when people had left me but my God never left me.
My rock and my salvation and my deliverer is He. My source of victory and sustenance.


Sista Cala said...

In Him do we live move and have our being. I too am thankful for His love and patience with me.

Granny B said...

So sorry to have missed your birthday. I hope you had a blessed day.
Hope all is well with your bundles of joy to be.