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Jun 24, 2006

If we don't who will...fight the spiritual battle

2 Samuel 10:12 "12 Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The LORD will do what is good in his sight."
This is what David said, when confronted by the Ammonites for battle. The Ammonites had demeaned David's men when they had gone to Nahum, their king, to mourn the death of his father. Nahum's counsellors told him, that David has sent men to spy the land and hence dishonoured David's men.
Its amazing to be able to say, let God do what pleases Him.
I learned a few lessons from this chapter(2 Samuel 10) from the Bible
  1. Total trust in the Lord-David leaned wholly on the Lord, no matter what the outcome was going to be. Can we trust God so completely, without a shadow of a doubt, when the outcome can go either ways, for you or against you, when no one else is there to guide you, when the answer is not in sight.
  2. Relationship with God is good and strong-David's statement, teaches me that David has a constant relationship with God, which actually has emboldened him so much, that he knows that when God does something that He thinks is good, it WILL be good for him. Do we have that kind of relationship with God, that no matter what hits, we'll know it in our heart that our God will never leave us nor forsake us. Also that God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us.
  3. A right attitude to fight-David had the right attitude, he wasn't fighting because he was angry with that king, but because now they have come to attack the Israelites and he wanted to protect the people, God has given him to be king of. He wanted to fight in order to defend God's people.God has given us people to be around too, maybe our family members, our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends who don't know the Lord, because our enemy and God's enemy has blinded their eyes, that they cannot see the salvation and wonderful gift that Jesus has to offer them. Do we have that attitude to face any situation, to defend God's people. All the people on the earth are God's people, did you know? Psalm 24:1 says " 1 The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it" We fight not for ourselves, or our own benefit, but for the people of God, on behalf of God, but our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in heavenly places, which are trying to rise up against our Living Lord Jesus.

Conclusion: David won the battle. Yeah, and not by a small margin too. The enemies stood to fight, "18 But they fled before Israel, and David killed seven hundred of their charioteers and forty thousand of their foot soldiers. [b] He also struck down Shobach the commander of their army, and he died there" I cannot imagine that much damage in a battle where no bombs and nuclear weapons are involved.God's people are very precious to Him, thats why God sent His One and Only Son Lord Jesus to die on the cross, and not just anybody He could have picked. God's people are too important to Him, thats why He longs to meet them, longs to commune with them. God's people are very special to Him, thats why He says 'You are mine". How can we being God's children, walk away from our other brothers and sisters who have been blinded and dont know our Heavenly Father's love. Lets be strong and fight bravely for our people...and God will do what He knows best.


Flex J! said...

Very inspiring post!
Truly, Having that deep relationship toward God will definitely win every challenges presented to us....

Keep on....

Godzheart said...

Thanks Flex J, for coming by.

audrey` said...

Yes, let us be strong and courageous for our Lord :)

Anonymous said...

We definitly do need to be strong in the lord. Nice post.