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Mar 24, 2006

Why is it difficult to have faith?

I had been thinking about this throughout my trip, especially when I boarded the plane. I was wondering, how easily we put our faith on the pilot of an aircraft with our lives. We trust our belongings and our life and our destination. We do not go and check with the airlines or the pilot if he really did finish his pilot course and was he/she successful. However when it comes to trusting God, we find it sooooo difficult.
Yesterday as we flew back from Florida to NJ, there was a lot of turbulence at about 38989 feet above ground at 545mph . I was a bit afraid, the seat belts weren't turned off soon after take off, as it usually was supposed to. I thought to myself, I know the pilot on this plane is trying to adjust the speed and the height of the plane in a such a manner that we may have a jitter free flight. After travelling for about 1 hour or so, Captain announced that this was the best stability he could establish, and had turned off the seat belt sign, however he also suggested that it would be better if we remain in our seats. The captain had to drop down a few feet and slow down a bit to get the plane to stabilise, at 35800 ft, and 454mph. I had felt every bit of adjustment the captain made, the plane trying to go faster or trying to go lower...everything.

Throughout this ordeal, though a little inconvenient, I reached my destination safely. I had trusted the captain and not panicked, not complained , not worried.

Now, I am inside the plane of my life, I can be a pilot too, however I have chosen Jesus Christ be the captain of this plane. He makes certain adjustments to the plane every now and then, to make the flight as comfortable as possible for me.Yeah, there have been times in my flight when I have carried prohibited items , which cause unnecessary load in the plane, however through it all, He has brought me safe thus far. I know we have a long way to go, and there would be turbulence too, the question is how far am I willing to trust Him, to help me ascend closer to His place.

We trust a man we do not know at all, to be the captain of our plane, we trust a group of people to take us and our luggage to our destination, people who cannot predict what can happen during a flight, they can only take precaution.How much more should we trust and omnipotent, pminipresent, omniscient God, who is able to do over and exceedingly abundantly, beyond all that we could ask or think, according to His riches and glory. Well I may not be able to, "always" explain the ups and downs of my flight, but I know the one whom I have trusted.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably
more than all we ask or imagine,
according to his power that is at work within us,
to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


Gary Wood said...

God speaks to us in the most amazing ways! I loved your story and the lesson God brought with it.

Godzheart said...

Yeah brother, its truly is amazing.

God Bless.