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Feb 18, 2006

We can't go on like this

Background: Moses has now passed away(Exodus 34) and God has given Joshua charge of the Israelites(Joshua 1), to lead them into the Promised Land.

There is a beautiful thing I learnt, from reading the way in which God leads Joshua, after Moses is gone. It is amazing.The 2 things I learnt are below yet they both come down to the same meaning daily fellowship with God.
  1. We cannot fight today's battles with yesterday's strength-Joshua was with Moses for most of Moses' meetings with God(Exodus 17:9,Exodus 24:13). It was not enough that Joshua be a part of the miracles he saw in Moses time. He had to work towards his own and "every day". I have experienced this in my life too. Many a times, I have tried to fight my battles with what I have known God work in my life in the past, but they haven't worked. Now I know its because, I need new spiritual strength for today. God commands Joshua "This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good [b]success."(Exodus 1:8). We read further in Joshua 3 the account of the Israelites crossing the Jordan (under Joshua's leadership). The method of this miracle is different from what God did with Moses even though the result is the same, crossing a river/sea. If Joshua would have thought -"Hey Ive been with Moses, I know, I just need to raise my staff, would that have worked???" I don't think so. God wanted Joshua to be connected to Him through this all the time. He would have completely missed his opportunity to see a miracle. So also, we should get connected to our Lord for our situations, "EVERY single DAY".
  2. We cannot have a working faith in God, simply based on someone else's experience with God:Only our own Personal Experience and relationship with God can build up that kind of faith.-Another aspect I see here in the same passages as above is that, God is a personal God, He wanted Joshua to trust Him in all of his endeavours with the Lord. What God did for Moses, He did for Joshua too. However from Moses and Joshua's point of view, they are unique situations. Joshua could not have had faith in God based on Moses' faith on God. Joshua had to trust God on his own and God had different instructions for Joshua, even though the event(crossing a sea/river) was the same.This would be Joshua's own experience with God, his very own. A personal relationship costs time and effort. God appreciates meeting His children personally as well as in a group. He has a unique relationship with all His children.

Lesson from Life:If you were going through trouble and I say one of the following to you which one would "really" exhort you.

  • Mrs X also had the same problem and God worked for her, so I guess God will work for you too.
  • I have been through this in my life, and God did amazing things for me, during all that pain and suffering I went through, and I believe "There is no partiality with God" He will do for you what He did for me.

Which one of the above do you think would give you lasting encouragement and strengthen your faith in God? Making time to meet God, letting go of what we've used as a method from somewhere else. Meet God first so He can meet your needs in the best way suited to bless you "Entirely" not just in one aspect and not just for you but so that you can be a blessing to many.


Godwyn Lim said...

Dear brother Godzheart,

Thank you for visiting & leaving your kind comments. Jesus is the one who is Amazing Amen?! He always lift us up with his amazing grace...How sweet our Lord is!

His lovingkindness is everlasting:-)

Godwyn Lim said...

I would say Let go Let God, Let the Holy Spirit lead us to the Still waters:-) Great Post!

Godzheart said...

Dear Brother,

Thank you for continuosly being an encouragement, and yeah its true, we should let go and let God...and one way we have to learn to let God is to stay connected to Him every day.

Gob Bless you brother.