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Jan 26, 2006

A Wrong Choice

Yesterday, I was playing one of the yahoo games and on the verge of making a record score. I had practised very hard on this one, played it for long to get an idea of the questions the game would pose and I was almost at that point where I would feel great about breaking my own record. As I played along, God told me I needed to go to pray but I did not listen and postponed it. The Holy Spirit kept urging me to pray, but I would not move, I wanted to make a high score. Just then my husband came and closed off that game window for no reason whatsoever, I was hurt and upset because I had worked hard at it and all the accumulated points went for a toss, however I went away quietly, knowing that finally he did what I should have done long ago and should have been in prayer.

As I sat down to pray, I realised, all this while God had been planning so many beautiful things for my life, more so, there are many times when He would have worked so hard to make me what I am supposed to be (the best of my purpose of being here) but then I walk away thinking I could do something else much better than what God has on mind. I tell you, that would have hurt God so much, to see and know the best potential in us to become all that we can, and we turning away from it and choosing the 2nd best or not even the good at all.

I believe, the One who knitted me in my mother's womb and Who has predestined and carefully seen, what I can become would know what would be the best for me at any given point in time in my life, "unless" we dont want it to go that way.Its up to us. God loves me and wants ONLY the best for me.

All I want you to know is, let us be careful in our choices and not make mistakes which would rob us of God's best for our lives. For those of us who might have made a mistake, lets let go of the past and get hold of our future and get a firm grasp on that for which our Lord Jesus has laid hold of us.

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