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Jan 21, 2006

What is attractive about my LIFE?

Is it my beauty? Is it a special ability I have? Is it the money? Is it the fame? Is it my family? Is it my faith? Well what do I want my life to show...I asked myself one day.

If it is beauty..people would be attracted to see what a wonderful person I good I well I walk and talk. People would keep loving me or admiring me as long as I am what they wanted to see. Its like in movies you've got to look good...real good...on screen and off screen. So now what happens when I grow a little older, when cheeks sag, everything goes south when you fight for them to go north..more dieting...more pills, more beauty parlors...more skin care...more of trying to maintain that fleeting beauty which I wanted to show...alas I couldnt make a mark so loud that people could hear it even from my grave and would be gone with time.

If it is an ability I have, a I sing...I dance ...and I can perform the way I want the world to see and admire me and thus attract them to my that would be looks may not matter much..however as with time advancing in years...muscles grow weak...weaknesses spring forth through those once amazing bones...slowly I lose my strength till someone still younger and stronger takes my place the way I did when I displaced someone older during the start of my stardom to advertise my LIFE...alas I couldnt make a mark so deep that people could be lost in the depths of researching my life and finding my strength....ends here my shallow weight and strength.

What if its my money? Yeah that would do me a lot of good....yes through all my toil all the money I collect to live a luxurious life..and marry someone who I think is in love with me for myself..not for my wealth and success...not sure though whether we both married for the same reason "love"...or ..."lust"...then is something ilusive.. here now and gone I think I found myself a strength after all..yes money..and to make more of this money (coz it keeps getting I want to spend it on the best I can afford)...I have to work very hard..harder than ever to keep it to myself and preventing prying eyes from snatching it away from cannot keep their heads on their shoulders obviously because their head was always taken care of by the money I earned...with sweat and whatever means..possible...that slippery money would not be able to touch people so much that they would get attracted to my life..its true though people would want to know how I made it big and read maybe..methods of how to make money...which may or may not work for them the way it did for me...that wouldnt make my life so interesting for "everyone" would it...wouldnt have such an impact as I though it would...they all think about my money more than me...
Now about my faith..what is it I believe in..that makes me more and more attractive..such attraction that others would wanna spend time with me...people would want to know more about me...about how "I" am made...whats that exact amount of all that ingredient that makes me up..."For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he:...."..we are more of what we believe..or have faith in..what motivates me..what is my source of sustenance...I think the best undying attraction my life can produce is my source of if my source is my face/looks/beauty it is not long fades away. If my source is my talent/fame it dies out with my age and strength which someone else mightier than me can always take away. If my source is my faith..that inner strength is on something or someone who IS from everlasting to everlasting..then my life story doesnt continues...more to enrich someone else's life.To add to..append..increase...bless someone else as much as my LIFE is a blessing to me itself. Yeah its more blessed to live for someone else you love than for yourself. I dont know but that definitely brings more satisfaction...when u give to someone instead to take for yourself....
So what would I want my LIFE to stand for attracting..I think my strength in a Living obedience to Him to enable me to share all that I am..with people who need stand in gap and share...through my life my existence and the source and meaning of my LIFE...even Lord Jesus.
Ultimately as Paul says in the Bible "I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me "

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