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Jan 29, 2006

Can God?

Oh boy!! only 1 day and my 3rd post already. Sometimes I get tired of believing, I wrote my previous blog just for me. It encourages me to send out an encouragement. I strongly believe God will come through for me and I will not give up on my faith which is of much worth than silver or gold.

God has answered me every time, when I am wrong He corrected me, when I am down He lifted me, when I was sad He cheered me up. For any questions I may have on anything, He has always shown me an answer in His Word the Bible.

I have been recently reading through the journey of the Israelites through the desert and it amazes me how many times they rejected God's authority and God's love and His guidance more so after seeing miracles right in front of their eyes. How could it be?

From the Israelites point of view, I imagine they were living in proper houses in Egypt with all amenities and now they are suddenly in the middle of nowhere, going dont no where, food dont know what...and the likes. Desert life as I learnt from watching "Walking the Bible" can be very tough. You have nothing growing around you. As far as eyes can see there is only sand and more sand. Would'nt that be dreary? They couldnt get a hold of what God wanted them to see. Its not easy too. When its time to learn from the Lord something which is of generational impact for your life, that could be heavy stuff you're dealing with.

On the other hand from God's point of view- God would have wanted to show to them "Look children I care for you, I cannot see my people as slaves, I want my people free from any kind of bondage be it to self or another". Also God would have wanted to show them that He is their source of ALL sustenance. Another thing I feel God wanted to show them was where you are is not enough for the ability you have, because God can make us grow in a different circumstance which He has planned for us.

Looking at the way their journey goes, I have learnt that Israelites might have let all the little wants of life steal their joy of being with the Lord. It happens to us too, when something unwanted, stressful, difficult, disheartening comes up in our life, which tests our faith and even challenges us of what we saw our Lord do yesterday, we are shaken and it makes us wonder whether God will be able to pull us out of this one. I can't help but recall this incident as I talk about this. When the Israelites happily left Egypt after all that hailstorm, dying of the first born and all those plagues, they might have gone out bolder and feeling undefeated and proud of their Lord and now suddenly after a few days of their travel they find the Red Sea before them and the pharoahs army behind them. Surely this would have popped questions of doubt in their heart and they rebelled. Surely it would have made them feel..."this time its we'll surely die in wilderness"...well thats what they were worried about pretty much, but God in His mercy in spite of their murmurings took care of them and came through for them and in a glorious way I must say. However those who repented of murmuring and came back to God found the promised land, the others who would not were lost in the wilderness as they had thought.

As I see the things that happened to the Israelites it teaches me that even if the next test is tougher than the previous, we can be assured that GOD CAN and GOD WILL be able to overcome any trials that may come our way. Lets set our eyes on our Lord, who has worked on behalf of His children in the past (maybe 2000yrs ago) even in our own lives. GOD CAN and is ABLE, but are we able to see and believe that my God can?

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