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Mar 28, 2014

Crying Out For Justice

My little 6 year old came home crying after school the other day.

" is unfair mommy, I am deeply sad" she cried. Scooping her up in my arms, I asked her what had happened.

"I won it mommy but they said the other boy won, when clearly I reached first ..and these people know Jesus, why would they do that?"

I encouraged her to tell me more so I could understand.

The story was that, there was a race at Sunday School and my little girl said, she finished first but they did not see her and declared another boy a winner.

She felt betrayed, she was disappointed with the unfair treatment and was wondering, why the people who know Jesus would be unfair? This was a hard thing for her to understand and harder for me to explain.

David, in Psalm 35:12, pleads with God to do something on his behalf against his enemies "They reward me evil for good" and in Ps35:22, "You have seen this, O Lord; keep not silence! O Lord, be not far from me!"

All I could say to her was, "Honey, even if your Sunday School teacher didn't see, God has seen it and let Him reward you in a much greater way, than any man can. He is a Big God and His rewards are big." So we prayed for God to bless those who unknowingly hurt her and help us forgive them as God forgives us. It was hard but we did it anyway. I then asked her to compare who was bigger, man or God and whose reward would then be bigger? Of course she was delighted for being sure that God was indeed bigger and it was a good thing He sees us all the time.

Yes, whether anyone else watches your progress or not, God is always entirely aware of you!
Psalm 35:28 And my tongue shall talk of Your righteousness, rightness, and justice, and of [my reasons for] Your praise all the day long."

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