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Aug 2, 2013

God Will Fight to Fulfil His Wonderful Plans for You

Psalm 21

David gives God glory for ALL that God has and is doing in His life!
v1 He is joyful for God's strength
v1 He is rejoicing for God's salvation (saving power)
v2God has answered all things David has asked for
v3 God sends His blessings to meet David
v4 David asked for God to save his earthly life but God granted him life forevermore
v5 David is getting all the good name and being glorified by men on earth because God helps him
v6 God makes David exceedingly glad because God's Presence is with him
v7 David has completely trusted and has abandoned himself to the care of God and through God's mercy and steadfast love David cannot be moved out of God's protection
Now watch this!
v8 "Your hand shall find all Your enemies; Your right hand shall find all those who hate You." Weren't the people actually chasing and trying to kill David but David here says those enemies are the Lord's and also includes "v9(NIV) When You Lord appear in battle!" David knows that though he is viewed by the people as the warrior guy, it has always been the Lord's battle and God will take care of it!

Its not just this way for David, if you have met with this Awesome God you will know that His plans for you are exactly that- His plans! If anyone comes against you while you are walking in God's ways - they are coming against God's plan and agenda for your life and if that be the case then God will not let that be as it is, for He will bring His plan to pass for your life in His all knowing, all perceiving, all powerful way which we cannot fathom! While God is defending you, your prayers are getting answered because they are exactly what God has put in your mouth to pray for! Your heart is one with God's and you are becoming slowly and steadily a man or woman after God's own heart! You are changing life here on earth for the people around you and establishing the Kingdom of God on earth! You are allowing God's light to so shine before men that they are seeing your good works and glorifying your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16) . This is exactly what happened with David in v5Through the victories you gave, his glory is great; you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty. Just keep dwelling in the midst of God's Presence and you will remain in His Joy!

God is truly no respecter of persons! Throughout history God has been demonstrating His power in the life of people who will lean, rely and completely depend on Him for their life - Do you know why? 
  • To show that we are created for fellowship with our Father in Heaven
  • To show His majesty to the people around us who are in misery for they do not know Him
  • To show His love for the people, His people whom He created
  • To snatch us all back into life if only we ask
What He has done for David He will do for you but only if you let Him! So let God be God in your life and watch Him satisfy you with His mercy and steadfast love like only God your Creator can!  
God's plans are to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future and if we trust God with His plans - He will Himself fight to make all things happen on your behalf!

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