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Jun 15, 2007

Ruth Bell Graham (1920-2007)

I owe my salvation to the faithfulness of Rev Billy Graham in sharing so boldly the Word of God, without any fancy, without any lure of monetary benefits I could receive if I follow Jesus, but the pure unadulterated message of God's Love and His salvation.

"Behind every great man is a great woman" and she surely was a great backbone for Rev Billy Graham, I realise now. I am grateful for her faithfulness to Rev Billy Graham all the years he spent away from home, preaching to lost ones like me and calling us to the family of God. Without her selfless sacrifice of keeping her family while Rev Billy was away, I don't know how the ministry would have outlasted so many generations and tenures of presidents USA has seen.

She has silently been a blessing to so many, we would never even be able to comprehend. I am so very grateful. My prayers are with her family.


Neva said...

as are mine . .


audrey` said...

as are mine too... =)