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Mar 19, 2007

He knows all His workman's names

Background: The Jerusalem walls are being built, by various groups of people under the leadership of Nehemiah. Each people group with their family has a certain gate and a certain wall to finish and Nehemiah 3 lists all the people groups that worked at the wall. We may never hear of them again in the Bible or anywhere else.

This goes out to the many ministers of our Living God, who's names we may never hear among the famous. Those prayer warriors who soaked their Bible with tears for people whom they knew and whom they didn't. Those people who make sure the sound check, the microphones, the closed circuits televisions are set up before a service. Those who clean up the church so that no one in inconvenienced. Those who manage a ministry in the background, silently serving the Living God, behind a man who will talk about our Living God and who's name will show up on the TVs. Those group of people, whom God has given the skill to design beautiful websites for people around the world to navigate through them and be blessed.

Lesson: Whether other people ever hear about you or not, whether they ever see your work for the Lord or not, God sees, He knows who has paid what price to follow Him. God knows, who soak their pillows at night, praying for their family to be saved. God knows their heart, though on the outside they might look unreligious, no robes, no pulpits and stuff. God knows His own. Those who call on His name and serve Him whether they're known by their next door neighbour or not.

Conclusion: Dear readers, you who write blogs about how God has worked in your life, you may never hit the topmost websites of the world. Nobody may ever know what or who you are, but there are people getting blessed by the small little ministry you do on the web as God leads you. Or working as a staff at church, or working at your vocation and still serving the Lord in whatever way the Lord led you, maybe through your weblogs, through personal evangelism, through being a silent prayer warrior-in any case, people are being blessed, people will be blessed. Whether someone else knows or not, God knows and has a record of the names of the not so famous labourers at His field. He knows all His employees, no matter what teeny bit of work they're doing in obedience to God's calling on their lives. I am talking about those who are in sync with God our Heavenly Father obeying Him and working for Him, without any fame and not the ones who do the work of the Lord for the sake of name, fame or money.
So continue doing the good job God has given in your hands, if to be a wife, be the best in the Lord. If a husband, the best in the Lord, if a servant the best in the Lord. Whatever else, a teacher, a lawyer, a businessman, a bus driver, whatever big or small, be the best in the Lord, for He knows every workman's names, like he did during the rebuilding of the walls.


Sista Cala said...

Thank you for your heart-felt encouragement today. While I don't worry about who sees or doesn't see my blog; once in awhile, I am in wonderment when my 'works' seemingly go unnoticed. I guess we all have in us a place that loves acknowledgement and praise.

Fortunately I know what the scripture teaches about the last being first and about our labors being rewarded by Him. It is a reward in itself just to belong to Him.

The title of your post is a tribute, not many CEO's could have. It brings honor to Him and to all who are considered His workmen. Thanks again.

Sista Cala said...

I don't have my sword handy, but I seem to recall there were some who did not complete their assigned part of the wall. Were these the ones who wound up w/additional assignments?

Granny B said...

How true. It is sad to see those that are out just to be noticed. Somewhere along the way, they have forgotton that God knows the heart.