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Sep 11, 2006

Remove the doubt and confusion

Reading through 1Kings 18, I am impressed at something Elijah says. In verse 21 we read "21 Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him."

This statement follows up with a clear demonstration of how the people should have responded. In other words, Elijah not only posed the question, but even laid out a demonstration of what is the right choice. I wonder if we could ever dare ask someone this question. I don't think we can can we??? What if we asked someone and then didnt have any live demo to follow up with it? How come Elijah did the live demo?? Well I grazed the texts from Elijah's life that I had read so far and found that this man was trained by God Himself.

Elijah had this confidence for the following reasons
  1. Elijah was in need of food and shelter (as his story unfolds in 1 Kings 17)- He learnt God to be his provider
  2. Elijah needed directions for his life- He was in a situation where he was so caught up with the Spirit of God that he really really needed God to direct him else he'd just be doing many things and getting nothing done. He learnt God to be his Guide.
  3. Elijah had heard from God, and that was his confidence-Each time Elijah had to take action it was based on something God had told him to do. Now Elijah had heard from God and that was what gave him such confidence to boldly proclaim God's power before 450 people who didn't even worship his God.

How could Elijah go and dare someone not even of his own faith? Nowadays pastors have hard time convincing people from Christian homes that Jesus is Lord.

We have not experienced dire need, so we don't know divine provision. We have not walked in obedience so we don't know the triumph over test. We don't have listening ears, only hearing aids, no wonder we haven't heard from God. We're too busy with our own worlds.

I ask myself, How will others know of the power of our Living God, unless they see it from our lives. (Live demonstration). More than that, how will we know our God can provide unless we are in need. Its like unless we fall sick, we will never know God our Jehovah Rapha. Unless we are so poor that we can't say where our next meal is coming from, we'll not know Jehovah Jireh.

People around us are confused on whether they should follow the "Christian's God" or their own gods or no gods at all, because we who believe in God don't have anything stark difference in our lives to show them what's different about our God.

Elijah had the entire session of sacrifice to differentiate between their god and his. He knew his was real. How convincingly do we know our God, so we can demo through our lives too? If we don't our God is an impartial God and is willing to meet with you and me to help us learn more about him. (Deuteronomy 10:16-18). This training from God is for the willing and obedient, it doesn't matter how well qualified you are, but whether you are willing and obedient to go by the Word of God. If we do, we will learn and be living examples like Elijah and all who "knew" Jesus our Lord, whether they knew Him in flesh (when He was alive) or in faith like we are.

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