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Jun 6, 2006

I've been tagged by Audrey

Aaaaa...mmmmm...starting trouble I guess..Thanks for the tag Audrey. Vrrrooom vrroom...ok I go..

I AM: A dare-christian, yeah, I think what God said we can do...if I have faith I can really do them.

I SAID: Jesus is the Name above every name.

I WANT: To be a so connected to God that no matter what, I will be a blessing to everyone I meet.

I WISH: To be able to serve God as a family now on to every generation following.

I MISS:My times at children's church and teaching tiny tots in a nursery school(though that was not my line of vocation...(sigh) I'm an engineer, now working with techno thingy).They were sooooo cute, with stories for me all the time. What imaginations.

I HEAR:The painful crying of the lost souls, trying to find their answer everywhere else, except God.

I WONDER:Where I would have been if I had not taken this decision 2 years ago.Would I have had such close fellowship with God daily?

I REGRET:Not having enough money to be able to lavishly give to people in need.

I AM NOT:A fish lover.

I DANCE: When I like the music.

I SING:When I cook and of course in church..and at home generally..and in the car...and when I'm walking... I'm a "humdinger" if there are any such!!!

I CRY:When I'm praying, when I see a touching movie, when I see someone hurt, when I am very very angry (like once a year)

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Entertaining...

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS:Painting( I lost my drawing book somewhere...:( on the keyboard/guitar

I WRITE:Letters to God sometimes, Quiet Time thoughts on my blog, Mails to my mom and dad daily....some poems when I feel like

I CONFUSE:Love with love, yeah the selfish&conditional love to Agape love. I am learning the Agape one now, little by is truly amazing!!!

I NEED:Jesus, like air for breathing. Life would become very very dreary if He wasn't in it.

I SHOULD:Be bold enough to say "NO", sometimes when needed.

I START: My day with a praise song..(its a recent addition to my mornings..I hate getting up in the mornings...mornings meaning after 8...he he he..ok ok I am trying)..followed by Bible reading. I have all the time in the world as of now...

I FINISH:Whatever is on my plate most of the time.

I LOVE:People, feel like telling them how much God loves them and that He can make things happen for the good to them that love Him enough, to trust Him.

I TAG: All my regular readers, if I may....come on know who you come out come out wherever you are.

Take care. I had fun a lot of fun...

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