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Apr 10, 2006

Who will take revenge for the wrongs ?

1 Samuel 25
After the death of Samuel the prophet, David went to the Desert of Moan. There, lived a man named Nabal, a very mean man, hard task master and cruel with all his workers. However, his wife was a very gentle, kind wise and understanding person. Its amazing that such a shrewd fellow had a wonderful wife like Abigail. Now David and his men had been guarding Nabal's shepherds while they were in Carmel with them. When the sheep shearing time came, David sent some men to bless Nabal and ask him to give something in return for the favour that David and his men, had done for them. However Nabal had not heard of David and despised the messengers and sent them empty handed. Nabal's men(shepherds) went and met Abigail and told her the real story, of how David had been kind to them on the field and protected them, but Nabal had mistreated them(1 Samuel 25:14-17). Well David wanted to avenge himself for this mistreatment from Nabal, but in the right time, Abigail went out to meet David and asked for pardon on behalf of her husband. David did not avenge his cause, and accepted the gifts which Abigail had brought for him and his men. Later, we see "38 About ten days later, the LORD struck Nabal and he died."(1 Samuel 25:38). This entire episode ends with David finding in Abigail a very virtuous woman and asks her if she can be his wife. Abigail becomes David's wife.

  1. Wisdom always helps keep God's will-In this case I see Abigail's immediate action according to her wisdom, led her to direct David's actions in God's direction. If Abigail would have not considered going to David and maintained her position of being Nabal's wife and sided him, well their whole household would have gone the very same day. But she humbled herself and went out to meet David and offered her gifts.
  2. Humility saved many lives-Abigail's humility saved many lives of people who wouldn't deserve to die. It was Nabal who was at error and if David had to attack them, then many others who were with Nabal would have died too. Also, David's humility in accepting Abigail's apology and not attacking saved lives. In our lives too, people might come and attack us with their words, their thoughts, their pride, but then our humility can save many lives. Not everyone with the person who attacks/slanders us, agrees with them, so our humility will shine out no matter what. Atleast I know God will make us shine out, no matter what someone else thinks/says of us. Only we have to be humble.
  3. Obedience brings victory-When God says "Romans 12:19 (Whole Chapter) "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," [ Deut. 32:35] says the Lord. " we better obey. We see later in 1 Samuel 25:38 "38 About ten days later, the LORD struck Nabal and he died". So its not for us to avenge ourselves, lest we become like the people who slander us. Then what difference is their in us being a believer of a Living God and them being disobedient to God. None. So if we have decided to follow God and live the life God planned for us, we better make up our minds to be different in all our approach, no matter what it feels like at the moment, because if we are faithful, the reward is much greater.

Conclusion:-So let no disobedience rob us from God's best. God Himself made sure that Abigail had the wisdom and humility to stop David from going wrong, God made it possible for the servants to go speak to Abigail of David's kindness. In any situation we might meet, when we want to take revenge on someone for saying something wrong about us, or of us, remember God has already placed the guidance for you to avoid falling into the trap of self-revenge. Also I think we must remember, we are children of God, so God WILL TAKE CARE. Any insult on us for our good work, is an attack on our God and no one like so can stand God's wrath. The only way they could escape their correction from God is when we stand in the middle and try to correct them ourselves and jeopardise our own stand, no longer saying God is Lord, but I can also avenge. Almost like I don't need God. No let us not get carried away by petty insults, or wrongdoings, it is God who sees and avenges His people. Our calling is way higher than to get entangled in all this stuff.So lets live a life pleasing to our Lord, and let God be our Lord over all our emotions.


Pastor Josh said...

Amen. It is wise to be humble, and to have the wisdom of God's word. We also have to realize if you're not humble that means that your pride is running free. If you are humble then your pride is hidden beneath you. Then you will truely beable to let God do His work.

Godzheart said...

Yes it is so true.Amen.

forgiven said...

Great Post

All we have to do is come on our knees and the Lord will do the rest.She had a bad life and God was watching and had a plan. God is so great.

Thank you Sis

Godzheart said...

I am so glad Doug, you stopped by to bless me once again.

God Bless.