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Apr 1, 2006

In the meanwhile....God is working

Time and time again, now, the more I read, the more there are instances of God working behind the scenes, even before an event happened. God prepares the future, that will be the best for his people, he knows what they will ask, and has already prepared an answer. He's not surprised, by their disobedience, but prepares a way out for them into obedience and life....not now and then...but ALL THE TIME. Its only up to us to choose the right things, in obedience to our Lord Jesus, that God's perfect will may be done.

I am reading 1 Samuel 8-9 where Saul is going to be anointed. The Israelites asked for a king, so that they'd be like all other nations.Now talking about being like other nations, I am strongly reminded of Jesus comparing us to salt and light. Why would Jesus pick these 2 things from our seen world to compare believers in Jesus with. I think, because when either the salt or light is missing, we know it. We know, because salt gives the food its taste and light shows the way. Its a powerful comparison. So we were never made to get so dissolved that we're not seen, but that in spite of being dissolved into something, we would exist, we could be tasted and seen, by others. They could see our life and experience God's power through our lives.

Here Israelites asked for a king, God was not very happy with their choice, but knew it would come, and gave them their choice. In the meanwhile, somewhere in one corner, Saul was growing in the Benjamite tribe. Now, one day Saul lost the donkeys he had, his father asked him to go look for them with one of the servants. These 2 could not find the donkeys, the servant suggests that they go meet Samuel, who could tell them where the donkeys went. Saul did not want to go at first, on account he did not have any gift to give Samuel. However the servant said, he had some money and they went.In the meanwhile, God has already told Samuel that Saul was going to come to meet him, and also told him what Samuel was to do with Saul.(1 Samuel 9:15). "When Samuel caught sight of Saul, the LORD said to him, "This is the man I spoke to you about; he will govern my people." (1 Samuel 9:17).

Lessons I learnt:

  1. God can give you what you ask, but that may not be the best God had in mind for you- The Israelites asked for a king, God did not approve of it, but then God knew it was coming and had gave them their desire. The people would realise only later that this was a wrong choice.
  2. So we goofed up, no worries, God's got you covered-Israelites would be troubled by the king only years later, God by then had a king ready for them, king David, the king after God's own heart.God knows what you're going to choose, but at every choice you make, even if it be in disobedience, God keeps a way open for you to return to Him, if only we would return. The return path to God, from disobedience to obedience and life, is always open, never shut. If we made a wrong choice ever in our life, know this, that God's plan still stands good, He can direct our ways towards the right direction as per His perfect plan, IF we are willing to let go and let God.The prodigal son, really went the wrong way, in his own free will, but his father did not despise him or make fun of him when all was lost. When the son returned, the father who waited for him daily, greeted him and took him back in his plan. How much more our Father in heaven.
  3. In the meanwhile...God was working out a plan-The plan for the Israelites was laid down so much earlier, before they would go through it. God knew the points in history, where the Israelites would go away from Him. In the meanwhile God would prepare a deliverer for them someplace else, in another background.These are God's people, the Israelites. They also made some good decisions and some, not good. They lived in serious obedience and in severe disobedience too, yet in all these when I read the Word of God I find how beautifully God has orchestrated everything, that a God of Israel is now a God of Americans, Indians, Australians. Hey y'all can we see!!! God opened up His plan for everyone in the whole world, through it all. God doesn't leave us on our own to figure out life and all that it comes up with. He's right there with us, working 'in the meanwhile'. What the enemy thought for harm, God turns into a blessing. When the enemy thought killing Jesus would mean the end, it became the point of salvation for the entire mankind.

Conclusion: God has a plan for everyone, we all, everyone belong to Him (Psalm 24:1), if only we would want God's plan for our lives, that we may be blessed and be a blessing to everyone.

"28We are assured and know that [[j]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose. "

(Amp Romans 8:28)


audrey` said...

You're right :)

Let go and let God...
is the best way to go :)

Godzheart said...

Dear Audrey,

You have been reading all the posts.

God Bless.
Thank you for encouraging me.