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Feb 24, 2006

Conquering Jericho

Joshua has now been able to spy the land that God has asked him to capture. (Joshua 6:2) Jericho is terrified, no one inside the city went out or came in. Now God has also given them instructions regarding the battle.
  • The priests with trumpets went for the battle
  • They carried the ark of the Lord
  • The armed guard went ahead of the priest and the rear guard behind the ark.
  • The army was to be very quiet.

Now those were some pretty weird rules for a battle, I'd say this must have taken real faith to obey. Who in their right mind send priest carrying trumpets to war? As human beings, we seldom do something we feel is not logical, not right as per our understanding though we might think of this as a great quality, it could be a hindrance when it comes to our relationship with God.

With God nothing is impossible, that word 'impossible' does not exist in God's dictionary, so how do we -limited, finite, with more possibilties to encounter impossibilities of various kinds, how do we know the impossible for us is possible with God, well as Joshua demonstrates it-its with "Obedience". When God's power over impossiblities, in our lives, meets an obedient heart to God...together it makes the impossible possible in what we might think, the most unusual way.

Lesson: Obedience to God's Word and trusting God in every situation can turn any impossible situation around. This Lesson when read backwards also means- disobedience to God's Word, prevents God's power over impossibilites from working in our lives. Mathematically rendered it would read as below

Obedience to God + God's power => Impossible == All things are possible

Disobedience to God + (no God's power : nothing to work on) =>Impossible == Failure and more impossibilities.

+ - Added to

=> - Applied to

== - Results in

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