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Feb 8, 2006

Success !!

Its easy to loose focus when what you see becomes bigger than what you believe in. Throughout the Bible, we see God picking out people with problems and turning them into miracles, and changing failures into successes. Not just marginal success, but huge successes.
The good thing about this, getting successful thing, is not 1-2-3 but needs waiting, patience, building character too. While God ushers us into success, he also needs to build up our inner man, to be honest, of good and strong character, of good works, of love, of a sound mind, of perseverance, of patience and the likes.

We like the part about being successful, but we would not want to go through the building up of the inner man. Would we be able to wait like Abraham for 25 yrs for God's promise to be fulfilled in our lives? Sounds difficult right.Or like Joseph, to go through prison, and cheating and still staying honest and true to God AND waiting for 13 yrs for God's promise to complete. Or, like Moses, to be right in the middle of unbelief(Israelites not believing and grumbling about God) and yet keep believing God to guide them to the promised land. Or, like Joshua, trusting God's power to give them the promised land, in the midst of people who accompanied him to check out the promised land.

We can become successful the way we want, or the way God wants and make life beautiful, not only for us, but also be a blessing to all who come in contact with us.
  • Abraham became a blessing to all who have faith in God
  • Joseph became a blessing to Egypt as a country as well as to his family and other Israelites in a time of need
  • Moses became a blessing and guided people upto the promised land, even training Joshua under his leadership
  • Joshua became a wonderful leader and led Israelites into the promised land

There are more people mentioned in the Bible whom, God blessed in the inner man as well as in their material possessions.They had impact in the lives beyond their scope of life on earth. Imagine that.

Ponder on: "Proverbs 10:22 (Whole Chapter) The blessing of the Lord--it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it]. "

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