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Jan 24, 2006

In a garden of Life

In a beautiful garden, God planted many wonderful trees and the most colourful flowers. Bees hovered over the flowers, rainbow always decorated the sky tinted with a few purple clouds blown with gentle winds across the blue expanse.
God would personally come and make it rain when the garden needed it, He would make the winds blow to shed off the dry leaves and make the fresh leaves appear on the branches.
Now in this pretty garden there was one unhappy flower, it was a very special with different scents. Every bee in the garden would visit this flower every day to pick up nectar for their honey. And so, over the years the flower had made a large number of friends. This flower had that special ability to love and to be loved.
After a few years flower went to meet God and told Him "God I am not happy being a flower, I want to do something different, the tree has so much fun swaying in the wind...I want to be a tree. God was a little sad about the flower's decision, and tried to convince the flower of his role and how special it is in the flower family. Nothing would change its mind and so God finally agreed to what the flower said and told the flower "Beginning tomorow morning, you will perform duties as a tree". The flower went back satisfied and happy to start his new job the next morning.
In the morning the flower woke up to a lot of noise and commotion which it was'nt used to. It found a few nests lying around its roots and a lot of birds (it seemed ) hovering all over it. The flower was very disturbed by the birds and wanted to shoo them away, but the birds told the flower how the trees give them shelter. The flower remembered and offered the birds to leave their nests by its roots.As the day progressed the flower waited for its bee friends to come and meet him like always , but nobody came. It waited and waited but no one came but a tired little bee who was looking for some shade from the bright afternoon sun. The bee settled down under one of the petals of the flower hoping it would get some help from it, but it did not work and the sun could still reach the bee. Tired and weary the bee left, without even so much as looking at the flower.The flower called out to the bee, but it was too late the bee had already left.By evening a gentle breeze was blowing across the garden, all the trees rustled the leaves and swayed with the wind, now was the little flower's turn to enjoy the swaying and so it tried,but could not move. All the birds had kept their nests around its roots, morever its petals were not strong enough to wave gently but were almost fluttering like a flag to the point of being plucked out of the stem. The flower didn't enjoy the swaying as it had thought it would.
Later the flower went to meet God and asked for His pardon for asking to become a tree, and confessed how grateful it was to have been a flower. God smiled and said" Dear FLower I made you for a special purpose, you propagate the flower species and provide nectar for the bees to make honey. The bears in the forest love the honey made from your nectar. I made you for duties no one else can do like you and no one can enjoy it like you do when you are at work". The flower realised its mistake of trying to become something God did not intend for it to be and thereby losing all its joy and peace and even friends. God made the little changes and the flower returned more cheerful than ever to have got back what its purpose of living.
Many a times we watch certain other people's lives and wonder why couldnt I do something like that. One of my friend's thinking is" If you can do it, so can I". I dont know how far that philosophy goes, but to my knowledge it doesnt go anywhere except towards someone trying hard to become something they were never meant to be as per God's divine plan. We go through a lot of pains and struggle to change ourselves to become somebody we wanted to be and end up being more unhappy than we were before. God has given us inherent abilities which only we can tap out and use as no one else can. It only lies in finding what it is and how do I use it best, and the best guidance we can ever get about our purpose in Life is from the One who created Life. Yes God.
"Dear God, I pray that you will help me understand and reach the full potential of my purpose in Life. Please help me to listen to your voice and obey it, so that Your perfect plan for my Life will be done and I will be a blessing to everyone I meet. In Jesus Name I ask. Amen"

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